Noble Intention flies the Glenburnie flag this evening.

We only have the one declared for tonight's card at Dundalk and yet again we have drawn high with NOBLE INTENTION (13). We've declared one tomorrow and he's drawn 23 of 23, that's not to mention last week's Dundalk's draws but I'm refusing to get paranoid as its the end of the season and I'm winding down not revving up!

I'm not so sure that the draw matters as much over the 8f in maidens here as it does over the sprint trips in handicaps. I'm happy that this lad is slowly coming to himself and is starting to show us something we thought we saw earlier in the season, before he started to grow and weaken. If I'm right he will win his little race up here before the year is out and that's all his owner is asking me to do with him. Hopefully, after this weekend, we will start getting some kinder draws as statistically speaking we can't keep drawing high! Can we?


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